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Healthy Changes offer help with what our name implies, a stepping stone on the way to a healthier you. All of the therapists at healthy changes are certified hypnotherapists. Find out more about them.

Why Hypnosis?

There are many myths about hypnosis and some people fear the process because they believe they will be made to do or say things against their will. However, a person cannot be hypnotized without his permission and if told to do something he does he does not want to do, he can simply refuse cooperation.

When hypnotism is used for therapeutic reasons, it is called hypnotherapy and has been shown to be effective in a number of areas, such as pain relief, overcoming addictions, weight control, relieving fears and anxieties and in stress reduction.

Can hypnosis help my child?


Hypnosis for Surgery and Medical Procedures

Bedwetting and Hypnosis